God Offers Us:

  • Living  is what God offers us...not mere existing.  In John 10:10 He offers to us 'life to the full.'  At our church, we embrace this view of life.  Lives that are extraordinary in the sense that they are beyond ordinary
  • Loving God, eachother, and others.  The Bible informs us that God is love.  We are also invited to share that love within our community and with those who have yet to hear the good news of the risen Savior.
  • Learning about our Lord and Savior and about one another part of our community.  Bible Study occurs in several settings throughout the week.  In classroom settings at church, in home Bible Studies during the week, and even in the outdoors with out various groups.  God has blessed us with His Word, the Bible, and by opening those pages we begin to understand Him and His will for our lives better. 

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